Our Products

GPS Tracking

Effective and affordable awareness (location, operating parameters, etc) service for keeping assets safe and secure. The service has been adapted and optimized for use on feature phones without little or no access to the internet. Assets safe guarded include: motorcycle taxis, farm equipment, etc.
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Micro-credit / insurance facility to cater to regular business operating capital and insurance needs. From fuel to run moving assets to seeds or pesticides for the new planting season;
we ensure that the small things don’t slow down the customer’s business.

Mobile Shop

Payments are at the core of any business and there’s need for seamless payments processing. We enable businesses instantly accept Mobile money, VISA, Mastercard and other popular payment channels.

Thinvoid Cloud

Data is an intrinsic part of business decision making. While the variety and volume of data being collected has increased over time, the velocity and frequency with which this data is collected is still lacking. The ThinVoid Cloud is an assortment of sensory devices that monitor different aspects of your operations in real time, providing timely reporting and actionable insights.
Collect We facilitate rapid data collection through different channels i.e. sensors, data collection tools, social channels, etc.
Analyze Collected data is fed into decision engines that have been tailored to a customer’s specific requirements.
Visualize Analyzed data is visualized via a dashboard or 3rd party tools like Microsoft Power BI and others.
Infer The inference engine leverages machine learning and other techniques to establish relationships with collected datasets and setup notifications for organizational KPIs.


We offer consulting services in software and hardware engineering. Our team of engineers can easily turn your software and hardware requirements into reality as evidenced by our satisfied clientele.